Robotics Team Needs Votes

Written by Huntington Herald on January 26, 2012

A Shelton Intermediate School robotics team needs votes to advance to the finals of a global competition.

As a part of their FIRST Lego League Robotics Competition, students from the SIS Robotic Revolution team created an solution to protect consumers from contaminated eggs. The "Smart Sticker" idea is an indicator sticker on the outside of refrigerated food packaging that indicates if the food product has been kept at the correct temperature during its transportation and storage. If the temperature of the food container reaches a certain unacceptable point for a specified amount of time, the sticker will irreversibly turn red to indicate possible contamination. If the food is placed back into the refrigerated storage facility, the sticker will not turn back to green, but will remain red indicating possible contamination.

The team successfully presented their idea to a panel of judges at the FLL Regional Qualifying Robotics Tournament and was given the Champions Award for their efforts. They then presented it at the FLL Connecticut State Tournament and was awarded the Best Innovative Solution award in the state. This qualifies them to apply for the FLL Global Innovation Award. They have also applied for a provisional patent for their idea and are waiting for final approval in the patent process.

The FLL Global Innovation award is a ,000 grant to help the team refine and produce their idea and is sponsored by the Edison Nation and the State Department of Commerce. Team members include: Victoria O'Malley, Keyur Shah, Raj Ganjikunta, Arivand Ravishankar, Sejal Bhargava, David Dzujna and Joseph Niski. Team members represent the Shelton Intermediate and Perry Hill schools in grades 6, 7 and 8. Finalists for the award will be announced in March.

Part of the selection process is the online voting procedure where the public can help the team be selected by casting online votes. The top 10 vote-getters will advance to the finals along with 10 others selected by judges.

The team asked residents to show support for this project by voting online and passing the information along to friends and family. The more people who cast their votes, the better the chance for the team to reach the finals. Vote for the project by visiting

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